I've had the great fortune of meeting and working with some incredible people who are using new ideas and ways of working to change the world. Whether it's well-being through early morning raving with Daybreaker or supporting new age entrepreneurs and startups who prioritise happiness over shareholder value with The Happy Startup, I love to understand the way our world works, explore the human condition, and discover how we can raise up humanity.


Our economy is shifting. It's a shift that's been enabled by the democratisation of business and systems through technology, and it means people have more power to go after their dreams and be purpose-driven than ever before.

We see today that modern consumers and millennial customers care more and more about what they buy and who they do business with, not just to benefit their wallet or bottom line but because it benefits others. That could be animal rights, helping the poor or vulnerable, or it could be disrupting a monopolised industry. And this can all be done in a mutually beneficial way that makes us all richer.

This is part of a bigger shift in our society and collective consciousness. By living a purpose-led life as individuals and as businesses and as governments, we can create a world that doesn't just punch the clock, doesn't just return shareholder dividends, and doesn't just focus on GDP and tactical voting. We can create a world where people actively care and engage with the world around them, where compassion is currency and happiness is measured instead of unsustainable growth.


These are the kinds of ideals that excite me, and what I put into my work as a Campaigns Manager and as a Video Producer. There are so many wonderful exciting ideas out there that can be mutually beneficial and better all of our lives, and it's this that I hope to do with my purpose consultancy and video producing every time I take on a project.

 Our world is full of wonder and possibility, which inspires me to create art like my short animated film Cumulus - currently in production. It's this wonder that widens my eyes every time I learn of a new insight into the human experience, and it's this wonder that gets me excited about each new idea for making our world a more accessible, transparent, creative, liberated and purpose-driven place.